Ottoneu Champions League Division B Application

Attention Champions of the @community! The Ottoneu Champions League Division B (725) is now accepting applicants!

If you have any questions about the details of the league, please see the league charter:

Here is the application link:

Message me @SABRmagician or @DSpracale on slack if you have any questions or feedback

I just wanted to let everyone interested know that we are going to take apps up until the 23rd of December and make the decisions before the new year rolls around. The only requirement is that you’ve been an Ottoneu champion in the past and commit to being active and fair with everyone in the league. We have some specific rules and modifications for this league that are posted in the charter, but here’s the questionnaire if you want to match wits with other Ottoneu champions.

If you have any questions hit me or @SABRmagician up on here or on Slack (@DSpracale for both). Since I am pretending to work Slack might be easier since I get the message notifications on my phone.