Ottoneu/Fangraphs ID Match

I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t remember. What’s the best place to grab an ID map to match up fangraphs IDs to ottoneu IDs?

The SmartFantasyBaseball one has a bunch of newer players missing (I can’t imagine how time consuming that spreadsheet is to maintain). Do you just update that manually?

You can download the .csv export of the Average values here which includes ottoneu ID and FG ID for every player currently owned in at least one ottoneu league. That’s what I use to do my mapping!


Perfect, thanks!

The only downside to using that file is it won’t include any player not owned in ottoneu, but there are usually only a handful of players I think have $1+ in value that aren’t currently owned, so those are easy to maintain manually.

Crunchtime baseball site has something similar:

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