Ottoneu Fantasy Football Auction Draft bugs thread

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Starting with this from @oltarzewskt1:

  1. After a few auctions I’ve noticed a couple small glitches - it seems like if you deactivate the “all teams must nominate” function, it prevents teams from ever getting skipped in the draft, even if the team checks the “done with draft” button. Not a huge deal but just mentioning it here. The other thing I’ve noted is that the watchlist seems to be working oddly - sometimes I click W- many times and a player won’t move off the list, but sometimes clicking it once will clear all drafted players. Some other owners have also noted the watchlist seems to change order if you refresh the page, which they found frustrating.

I believe I’ve fixed the issue where teams that are no longer participating in the draft are not skipped.

I am in the process of rewriting the watchlist to address this particular issue among others with how the watchlist updates once a player on the watchlist has been drafted.