Ottoneu Fantasy Football Dashboard

2019 Update: This tool still works, but no promises that certain things might be broken. I’ll be updating this with new features soon!

I’m back again with another ottoneu tool built with Sheets, this time it’s an ottoneu football league dashboard.

Ottoneu Football Dashboard


Before you can use the dashboard, you will need to make a copy of the tool. You can do so by opening the dashboard link below and going to File:Make a copy to save a version you can edit to your own Google account.

League tab- Input your ottoneu football league # (the same # that appears in the URL of your league homepage, see here for an example in cell B4, the league settings and standings will then populate automatically

Matchups tab- This tab will show the initial and adjusted projected team scores for each weekly matchup, based on FantasyPros projected points. The matchups listed in Column B are pulled automatically, but you can manually adjust them using Column C. There are two primary reason why you might need to do so: 1) The ottoneu week doesn’t roll over until Wednesday morning, so please note that if you view the dashboard on Tuesdays it will show the matchups from the prior week (though the projected scores ARE for the current week). You can input the correct matchups manually if you want to see them on a Tuesday, just be sure to clear those cells in the future to see the automatic matchups again. 2) Some team names that include a numeral cause a bug on the dashboard, you can tell if this is happening because the Initial Proj in Column F will be shaded red for that team. Just select the correct team from the dropdown in Column C.

Lineup tab- Select whichever team you want to view from the dropdown in cell B1, and it will show you that team’s current lineup with actual and projected (from FantasyPros) weekly scoring for every player, as well as the total initial projected team score and updated projected team score (the updated projection accounts for player’s who have already played that week). These projections are all automatically adjusted for the particular league format (PPR, half PPR, standard).

Roster tab- Select the team you wish to view from the dropdown in B1, then select how you’d like to sort the players in B2 (by weekly projected points, rest of season ranking, or salary).

Free Agents tab- This tab shows you all free agents in your league, with options to sort those players by ottoneu ownership %, average salary, weekly projected points, or rest of season position ranking. I’ve also included the option to additionally sort by position, or you can use the filters on this tab to view specific positions.

The remaining tabs are broken down by position and show the weekly projected FantasyPros points for all players at the position.

I want to thank @bills217, @Miguel, @Mulemadness, and @edtnvol for testing this tool, and a big thanks to @dave for his help with regular expressions!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions!

Version Log:
9/19- Fixed another small bug on the Matchups tab
9/18- Fixed automatic team ID bug
9/14- Added Rest of Season Fantasy Pros rankings (Half PPR) to Rosters and Free Agents tabs
9/13- Fixed bug that resulted in Lineup and Roster tabs not populating correctly
9/12- Initial version released


This is super useful. The Free Agents tab has already helped me a ton when trying to figure out who is out there in my league.

The Lineup and Roster tab isn’t working for me right now - let me know if I can help you out with that.

Great stuff as always, @eamuscatuli.

What specifically isn’t working for you re: the Lineup and Roster tab?

Sorry, should have given some details.

Neither page loads my roster. I looked on the matchups page and it seems that loading rosters is pretty inconsistent in my league:

Oh and investigating further, it looks like the two teams that have 78.9 projections are actually both showing my (very bad) roster:

So, just some goofiness with loading the teams in my league. The free agent tab worked well, so the players that are rostered are being loaded properly somewhere in there…

Hmm, okay, I have some really hacked together methods on that Sheet to pull that info that’s separate from how the Free Agents tab is populated, so something must be breaking on the back end. I’ll try to figure it out.

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I think I figured out this issue, I use the otto team ID as a key for those two tabs, and for some reason the method I’m using to pull those is breaking here (I suspect it’s because this is League 1 and all the team IDs not working are single digits). I should be able to fix this.

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Okay, this is now fixed, thanks for letting me know!

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I just pushed another update of the Dashboard to now incorporate FantasyPros rest of season positional ranks, be sure to save a new copy if you want the latest features!

Just pulled 9/14 version, and it looks like the lineups are not pulling properly for my league anymore. My team (team 1) is showing the wrong roster and some other team in my league (I believe team 3) is pulling my roster.

This is now fixed, thanks for the heads up!

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Bumping this post for visibility. I haven’t really touched this tool since last season, but at a glance it looks like it’s still pulling the FantasyPros projections correctly.

I still haven’t really done any updates to this tool, but once again it looks like it’s pulling Rosters/Weekly Projections/Matchups data correctly. I hope to add some new features to flesh this out over the next few weeks.