Ottoneu Fantasy Football now has an option for 24hr trade review and a mobile-friendly game page

I’ve pushed out a couple new football features today. First, leagues now have an option to change trade review from a 48-hour period to a 24-hour period. This option can be found on the commissioner tools page but cannot be changed until after the 2019 trade deadline. This is being rolled out to address this wishlist item and bring more feature parity between football and baseball. @tripvm will receive a Genie badge.

I’ve also pushed out a completely new game page, built mobile-first so game details can be quickly scanned on your phone.

If the game page looks broken on your phone or web browser, please clear your cache and refresh the page. This addresses this TechSupport post.

As always, let me know what you think about these changes. Thanks for your support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!

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Thanks Niv for the update, I do like the new view.

Is there any way that we could see the gameday stats included in the view?

Not on mobile, there isn’t enough space to put all that information. You can use a larger screen or orient your phone horizontally.

@nivshah is there any way to allow a league to change to the 24hr trade window given that is now an option? My league is clamoring for this change and when I first saw this feature was implemented I was hoping it would be a change we’d be able to enjoy this season.

Thanks as always!

Nope, as I wrote in the first post in this thread, it will become available after the trade deadline for this season.

I’ve changed my mind on this this morning. I can try to manually change a football league’s trade review period from 48 hours to 24 hours. If you’re interested in this, please DM me and let me know and I’ll make the change when I can.

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