Ottoneu First Impressions

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For those @Ottoneu101 who have just finished your first season of Ottoneu, I’d love to get your feedback as part of a potential upcoming post on RotoGraphs.


Thanks for putting this together @LuckyStrikes.

Once he has all the responses he needs, I’ll randomly pick 3 of the users who responded and pay for their next season of Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball.


Didn’t even see the added bonus of (possibly) a free season! SWEET!


Answered. Thanks for trying to make ottoneu better.

I wonder how you are going to link the forms to our user accounts, though? Besides First Name and Last Name Initial I didn’t see anything personal asked, there.


I’ll post here, don’t worry.


I am reviewing these responses now. Big thank you to everyone who responded and all the great feedback. I really appreciate it.


Some great feedback here. I will be posting an article with these responses in December.


Time to pick out who gets a free season next year. For fairness, I put the name of everyone who participated into a hat and pulled out 3 names. The feedback, both positive and negative, did not affect who was selected for the free season.

So the names pulled out, as filled out in the survey, are:

Ryan D
Tom S

Please respond here if you are one of those 3 people and I’ll get you hooked up!


No one claimed their free team! I’ll give it another day and then pick 3 new users.


Hi, if it’s not too late I am Tom Scheible maybe same as Tom D


Thanks to all who participated in this feedback about your first season experience. I posted many of your comments today: