Ottoneu Football Livestream!

Hey all, I’ll be livestreaming my ottoneu football drafts again this year! My first draft is tomorrow (8/21) at 7pm and I’ll be live at Feel free to check it out if you’re new to the game and want to see how an auction works, or if you’re a veteran and you just want to sneak a peek at my values! I’ll update this post with new information as I confirm my other drafts that will be live. (Plus if anyone else cough JUSTIN cough is doing a stream feel free to post in here!)


Update! I’m planning to be online at 6:30 pm, and I’ll do a quick review of ottoneu football for any new players or returning owners who need a refresher. Then the auction itself starts at 7! If anyone has questions, tune in and ask in the twitch chat and I’ll do my best to answer as I draft.

I don’t know if anyone else followed along with that draft, but there was some pretty bonkers bidding going on, in my opinion. This was a SuperFlex+Flex 1.0 PPR league, and as I mentioned in my football league types post that is the format that hurts RB value the most. Despite that, plenty of big name RB went for $80+, and I’m not sure any RB is worth spending $80 on in that format.

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Totally agree with Justin there, and as we’ve mentioned privately to a few owners, I think the best lesson to take away from that draft (and any draft) is that it’s less important to know what your opponents are going to spend, and more important to have a set of values and stick to them. With a finite amount of cap space for every team, you don’t need to outbid your opponents if they’re spending too heavily, you can wait and pick up the players they can no longer afford at steep discounts.

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By the way, I totally would have been a guest on your livestream last night, if not for it being my wedding anniversary!

Oh, Happy Anniversary! :cake:

I’m probably going to do a couple more if you’re free, I’ll let you know when.

I have one this Friday night that I might stream

Anyone draft Deshaun Watson in your auction, Tom?

Yes, can’t remember the price. Watson went for $25 in the Rotowire league though.

In my 3 leagues he’s owned at $1, $1, and $5