Ottoneu Football OPL

What are the chances of OPL for ottoneu football for the upcoming season?

Something like $50 buy in, all teams eligible. Superflex, 1 PPR, teams required to stay under the $400 cap all season.

Weeks 1-4 All teams involved
Weeks 5-8 25% sliced (lowest scoring)
Weeks 9-12 another 25% sliced
Weeks 13-16 remaining teams battle it out. Winner is team with the most points throughout the season (Weeks 1-16)
Week 17 Live stream of trophy delivered to me and the parade that follows

Will be fun, get more eyes on ottoneu football, see who can pick out the 4th string RB that will be a stud first, etc.

thanks for your consideration,

I’m really interested in having a OPL for football, but there aren’t quite enough leagues to support the game at the scale of baseball. As we get closer to the season, I’ll see if there is a way to have a smaller scale Football OPL. I think it’d be really fun!