Ottoneu Full Season Calendar

I posted the following on the Slack community, but thought it could provide value for new players here in the Ottoneu 101 as well.

The file itself can be commented on here if you find anything wrong or missing.
PS Made small update in Cuts timeline to exclude the arbitration time (thanks @OttoneuTrades)


To clarify- owners can’t make Adds from the time the regular season ends until after the auction is over.

This is good RJ. I’m trying to figure out how to convert this to it’s own individual topic within the 101 category because I think this is a good (visual) reference for new players

@OttoneuTrades Joe, FYI the figure you use in the Rotographs article has been updated to reflect no cuts during arbitration. Please update when you have a chance. The one above is up to date.

RJ, I am going to link to this calendar in an article today on RotoGraphs - just a heads up

Thanks, please make sure to use the latest version with the gap in cuts during arbitration (the one above is good; Joe got an older version in his earlier article where he showed it that didn’t have that gap yet)

Bumping this because it’s useful.