Ottoneu Grand Slam

The ultimate, most exclusive badge in Ottoneu is the “Grand Slam”. This badge is only awarded to those rare owners who have won each of the four Ottoneu scoring formats in Ottoneu fantasy baseball:

  • 4 x 4 (“Classic”)
  • 5 x 5 (“Old School”)
  • FGTS (“FanGraphs Points”)
  • SABR (“SABR Points”)

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link to the final standings page in each format for which you’ve won a title.

To set the bar even higher, @Vic_Liu is the first ever single season “Grand Slam” champion, winning all four formats in 2017.


The Grand Slam has also been awarded to @chy924 for his success in all four formats

like the Stanley Cup, the 4x4 trophy is the most difficult one to earn


LC Romney Tigers
League 118
Ottoneu 4x4

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Thanks! Pretty excited to be on the podium next to clear champ @Vic_Liu!

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