ottoneu-Inspired H2H leagues on Yahoo w/openings

I know, I know… it’s with a competitor. But without a H2H option here, what can I do?

I have two leagues with open spots on Yahoo that are largely based on the ottoneu philosophy, but with my own twists.

One is a Keeper League with its own economic setup that uses a soft keeper cap, arbitration, coupons, in-season FAAB, and “bonus cash”. This league has one open spot available (see the available roster here, along with keeper/economic rules). See the league on Yahoo here. If interested, send me a PM or e-mail at ballnglove82@yahoo.

The second league is a 20-team, MLB-based league currently with 4 openings. Name your team after an unowned MLB team and build around that team’s roster. We’ll have a pre-season FA draft on the message board for players of the unowned teams. See the league on Yahoo here, and use this link to join if you like.

Both leagues are free and use Divisional play (playing three games against each divisional opponent and one game against inter-divisional opponents) with the goal of making for a more competitive season; if you join the MLB league, you’ll play the year in the ‘weakest’ division. Both leagues also have an 8-team playoff season in the final 3 weeks.

I’ve also adjusted how Pitching is scored in both leagues, with the goal of 50/50 scoring between Hitters/Pitchers over the course of the year and RP’s account for roughly 1/3 of scoring for P’s. The MLB league also divides ottoneu scoring by 10, so that players/teams have scores that look more like ‘Run values’ for each weekly matchup.

I also have a $50 (through LeagueSafe) 10-team H2H league on ESPN that may have an opening.

Let me know if you’d like to know more- and sorry again for promoting a competitor :open_mouth:


Both leagues have been filled- but let me know if you might be interested in leagues like this and I’ll save your info for the next opening!

Thanks for checking us out!

I have a similar league just starting out. Its a progressive salary cap H2H dynasty league with stats similar to 4x4 play. Our initial auction will be held in the coming weeks. Its free to join. Just looking for active, competitive managers to get in at the start. I’ve run popular keeper leagues for several years and this one should be fun and interesting.

Roster Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, SP, RP, RP, RP, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL, DL, DL, NA, NA, NA
Batters Stat Categories: Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Ground Into Double Play (GIDP), Errors (E), On-base Percentage (OBP), Slugging Percentage (SLG)
Pitchers Stat Categories: Innings Pitched (IP), Strikeouts (K), Stolen Bases Allowed (SB), Total Bases Allowed (TB), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP)

The salary cap will change from season to season and team to team based on performance of teams and players on those teams. (This is meant to simulate how real life teams benefit from playoff appearances, star players, etc)

Well now if you’re scoring things like RBI, GIDP, E, ERA, etc I’m not sure you can say it’s “ottoneu-inspired” :wink:

Nor is it like any of my leagues- I run points-based H2H leagues with scoring that is meant to both accurately represent player values and also is Hitter/Pitcher balanced across the league.

I understand the appeal of category-based H2H leagues (and I’m sure yours will be a good one!) but, because of how much individual stats (and how each owner plays them) influence each matchup, I don’t think they really reflect what it’s like to build a roster in an otherwise balanced competitive environment. And that’s the sort of fantasy format that I’m after…

Sure. I’m not saying they are the same, but they are both atypical and I figured - since your league was full - someone else who’d be interested in yours might want to join mine as a consolation.

I’d say its Ottoneu-inspired in as much as it forgoes traditional stats for those that more accurately represent a player’s contributions to Wins - both at the plate and on the field. I’ve focused specifically on stats that either lead to run production or outs. While not as conducive to direct player values as a point system (which I’ve found scare some managers away), a team that puts up more of the cumulative stats I’ve chosen would theoretically score more runs, and including things like GIDP (which absolutely kills run production) and Errors should be reflected in player values just as much as their run creation statistics. You have to take the bad with the good.

As for pitchers, I think its an interesting approach to have to start only one SP each day. With a min IP (and IP as a counting stat), you still have to roster a full rotation of pitchers. The idea is that each day you’re playing 1 game with a full roster that mimics that of an MLB team as closely as possible in the fantasyscape. That usually amounts to 1 SP and roughly 3 RP.

TL;DR - Not saying they are the same, but there are enough unique attributes here (different stats, bonus cash, etc) that someone interested in one league might reasonably be interested in the other.

As a side note, I am curious what your “coupons” entail.

Problem is stats like GIDP are entirely situational and not really a representation of a player’s true ability. And E’s especially are entirely subjective and the reflection of one person’s opinion- the official scorer. E’s also skew the league away from MIF/3B/good players who play tough positions and commit more E’s- if I was in your league, I might not spend on guys like Odor (good fielder, but second most in E’s), Corey/Kyle Seager (Top 10), or even Arenado (Top 30) and instead focus my resources elsewhere. I just don’t think there’s a good way to score fielding in fantasy, so I keep it out of my leagues altogether.

If you want to objectively score players according to their ability- which I think is in the true spirit of the ottoneu game- then you should want to keep stats that are situational/team-influenced/subjective such as these out of your league. Of course, I say this while still using things like SV’s, HLD’s, BS’s, Total Batter’s Faced, and Inherited Runners Scored in my leagues as ways of balancing P production both with between SP’s/RP’s and between Hitters/Pitchers… so I’m not perfect, either.

On Coupons- I’ll award $1 to the highest scoring team in the league for each week of the season, plus $3 to the divisional winners at the end of the regular season, plus $10 to the Bottom-4 scoring teams and $5 to the Middle-8 scoring teams (and $0 to the Top-4 scoring teams).

Coupons can be used on the arbitration increases of players only. We have both an Allocation system (using Bonus Cash, owners can increase the costs of other team’s players at no more than $2/player and $3/team) as well as an Automatic Arbitration scale where the Top 50% scoring Hitters and Pitchers (separately; so 120 Hitters and 120 Pitchers in my league’s pool) will increase in cost by $1; the Top 20% of scorers by $2; the Top 10% by $3; Top 5% by $4; and the Top 1.25% (or the Top 3 scoring Hitters and Pitchers) by $5.

If a team does not use their Coupons, then it becomes Bonus Cash which can be used either on Keeper Buyouts (players chosen as Keepers and then released during the season have a Buyout cost of 1/2 of their Keeper Cost), Arbitration Allocations to other team’s players, or as a bonus on their Keeper Soft Cap prior to the next season’s draft. Bonus Cash can also be earned by saving on the FA Acquisition Budget during the season, or by saving under the league’s baseline Soft Cap prior to the season (basically, the League Baseline Cap is 1/2 of the Draft Budget; the Team Soft Cap is the League Cap+Team Bonus Cash; going over the Cap is a tax on the Draft Budget; going over the Cap and then ending the year with a negative Bonus Cash balance will result in a Hard Cap (League Cap+negative Bonus Cash) the following season).

Yahoo doesn’t make it easy to run a league with a salary cap, and I’ve found that people tend to spend their resources differently in Auction Drafts versus in-season Free Agency- so I use the Bonus Cash/Arbitration/Soft Cap/Keeper Buyout system as a quasi- economic pressure relase-valve, or a way of allowing for teams to take advantage of any savings while still forcing people to make the tough roster decisions necessary to keep the draft a worthwhile activity every year. Of course, I have to track it all off the platform and in Google docs, but it generally allows for an economic balance year-to-year- which, with the divisional schedules, contributes to an overall competitive balance each season.

TL;DR- I disagree with using GIDP/E’s in fantasy, and my Arb Coupons are an additional strategic feature of the overall economic structure that helps to achieve my league’s general financial/competitive balance

Sure. GIDP is situational, but so are RBIs and Runs. A player can’t bat in a run if no one on his team can get on base, and can’t score runs without the assistance of his teammates (unless he can steal home, I suppose).

I see GIDP as the inverse of RBI. A player that can produce when his team has runners in scoring position is more valuable to a team than someone who only produces a hit when the bases are empty. A GIDP not only takes a runner off the bases, but creates 2 outs and I believe that is just as representative of a player’s at bat as an RBI (I’ll note too that we make no distinction over a RBI base hit and an RBI sacrifice - which are not equal).

So why shouldn’t a player like Miguel Cabrera be slightly downgraded for his league-leading 26 GIDPs (And it is a very slight downgrade - we’re talking a little over 1 GIDP per week.) just as much as we champion his 108 RBIs?

Outside of the Three True Outcomes, every statistic in baseball is situational and I see no reason to ignore the negative stats when they are no less fallible than the positive stats.

As for Errors, while there is positional attrition, it is all relative (and again, slight - just 1 per week for Odor). I don’t think it devalues a player like Odor or Seager, so much as it adds to the value of guys like Altuve, Cano, Dozier, etc. A team essentially has to play a 2B, so it is not as if they can escape Errors completely, just mitigate the damage there (or say screw it and punt the stat).

Re: Errors being subjective to the official scorer - I could make the same argument about pitcher stats being reliant on the umpire. How many games have you watched where an ump made a terrible call that ended up walking a batter when it should have been a SO? Nor have I seen any evidence that scorer bias in doling out Errors is heavily laden on a certain team or player. Players who commit more Errors tend to do so with some consistency through their careers no matter where they are playing. I’ve run a 20 team dynasty league with Errors for going on 7 years and while they are a factor, it has never proven to be a hinderance in either weekly matchups or player valuations.

At any rate, I appreciate the debate and also appreciate your detailed explanation about coupons and your cap structure. I’m attempting something similar (albeit a stripped down version) in this new league and you’ve got some excellent ideas.