Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, April 2021

It’s Opening Day 2021 in OLL. The Opening Day real-time sim is now live


New save file is up, it is Monday 4/5/2021 in game. A few teams had players on their active roster that were not on their 40-man roster. ABQ was one of those teams (oops). I just added the player in question to the 40-man for each team and did not have any issues. Every team had a 40-man spot available. Teams affected off the top of my head:


Our next sim will take place on Thursday, 7/2 at 8p ET and will take us to 4/12/2021 in-game.


Indy is looking for a good home for Justin Turner. We will retain all salary. He’s DH only, but he’s still a good hitter (especially against LHP). Our internal scouting (v high accuracy) is the same as OSA’s except that we have him 5 pts higher in gap power and 5 lower in avoiding K’s. The return could be RP, backup MI, or a prospect with slightly above-replacement potential.

We’ll be simming tonight at 8p ET as usual. The next sim after tonight will be July 6, in order to mostly avoid the holiday weekend.

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It is 4/11/2021 in-game and the RTS is live.

Full website will be updated after the RTS and the save file being updated.

New save up, website updated.

Our next sim is on Monday, July 6.

Greetz all.

I started a separate thread to act as a Trade Block for the OLL. This thread can serve as the one place where we can find the most up to date posting of players teams are offering. I put it in the V.I.P. Lounge thinking it might be good to separate our OOTP threads from the main board as the MLB season takes shape.

good idea?



It’s April 18 in-game and the real-time sim is live.

New save file is up and website is updated up to 4/19.

Real time sim for 4/25 is live

New save is up and website updated to the morning of 4/26.

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I’m about to import and take us into May. Sim schedule for the next week will be:

Thursday (no RTS)
Saturday (7/18)
Sunday (7/19)

This is subject to change.

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Real time sim is live

5/2/2021 in game

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