Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, January 15, 2020

Alright, good news / bad news:

Good news: OOTP fixed the bug

Fixed AI signing international Amateur FA to 0$ contracts/IAFA players resetting draft demands on save/load

Bad news: Everyone needs to update to the latest OOTP (21.2.39), released today around 11am ET. Here are the instructions if you directly got the game from OOTP. Steam should auto-update, as should the Mac OS X App Store.

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As a result of this OOTP update, exports are due at 2pm ET tomorrow, Saturday 4/4

This update is backwards compatible for online leagues, so only a few teams are required to export, because I don’t have exports yet:

Brooklyn, Charlotte, Denver, Fresno, Ft. Worth, Memphis, Mesa, Milwaukee.

Everyone is welcome to send new exports until the deadline tomorrow, 4/4 at 2pm ET.

The update has resolved the international free agent bug so you should feel free to make offers to international free agents once you have updated your copy of OOTP.

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Fort Worth will be the Sun Kings please. I got the Logo, just need the name.

Trade to report between Oklahoma City and Memphis:

Oklahoma City receives: Aaron Nola (with 2020 salary fully retained), Caleb Ferguson, and Carson Montgomery;

Memphis gets: Dylan Cease, Brady House, and Justus Sheffield.

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It’s been brought to my attention that the league rules are set to not allow trading players who are injured, where injured is defined as having a 7 day+ recovery period. From a brief search of OOTP forums, this seems to be a default setting meant to protect the AI. We have no AI, so the next save file (Saturday!) will allow trading injured list players.


Trade Announcement:

Fort Worth Sun Kings trade: L.Severino, E. White, T.Swaggerty, J.Nix to Baltimore Archers for: E.Escobar, C.Smith, D.Maples, R.Nunez

L.Severino is the player on more than 7day IL.

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If you can’t make the trade proposal in-game you’ll have to wait for the new save file on Saturday.

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Yup, proposal wont go thru. We can wait 'til next cycle NP.


Milwaukee would like to become the Milkshakes, please. Logo, if possible, here:
Thank you.

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Going to sim to January 27th in a hour. I still need some exports, will move forward even if you don’t send them:

Brooklyn (@Miguel)
Charlotte (@minihockey8)
Fresno (@brianmsbc)
Ft. Worth (@astraea.m.k)
Memphis (@dberuta, who told me he is fine moving forward without an export this session)

You have until ~2pm ET, 50ish minutes.

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Sorry, thought I exported last night and got a success message. Not sure why it didn’t go through. But at any rate I wasn’t trying to do much, so nothing lost.

If you exported, you didn’t first download the new league save file, because it says “wrong date” for you.

I think a few people made this mistake. Please download the new league file first thing when I post that the new sim period is ready.