Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, January 15, 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)
In-game date: January 15, 2020
Next sim date: Saturday, April 4, 2pm ET (updated)
Next in-game date (proposed): January 27, 2020


I’m proposing our next sim go out 12 days to get this thing going a bit and so we can get on to Mondays in-game. After this sim, I’d like to move to 2 weeks at a time or maybe a fast-forward to start of Spring Training. Let me know your thoughts on this please.

I’ve also made a league-wide rules change that players remain on waivers for 8 days. This will allow us to sim a week out without players both going on and clearing waivers during the sim period.

Please use this thread to announce any trades made during this play period. League website is updated.

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I’m all for those ideas, Niv, and speeding things up.

I have an update on the bug/glitch with free agent offers. Immediately after downloading the latest file I went and made a counter-offer. After making the offer, it was viewable in pending offers and counted against my budget as a pending offer. I saved the game and exited OOTP.

After reloading OOTP and opening the save file, the offer had disappeared. It still shows as if I had made a counter-offer to the player, but as a mere MiLB contract with no signing bonus. This has resulted in identical offers being made with each sim and predictable frustration from FAs.

My co-owner is testing in the same manner on his system now to see if it is just an issue with my version somehow.

Could you try withdrawing your offers and making new offers?

My feedback from the guy I upgraded from a minor league deal to a major league deal if he made the team was that he didn’t think he’d make the team, so he definitely responded to my upgraded offer.

Withdrew the offer and made it again. Then saved and exited OOTP. Upon reload, the offer had reset to a MiLB deal with no bonus again. My co-owner had the same issue.

Given that Jake Diekman was signed to a 1yr $1.4mil contract, I think it is highly unlikely that it is impossible to make major league offers or that your team for some reason can’t make major league offers but others can.

Ok, there is a bug with OOTP21 that affects international amateur FAs.

So, let’s collectively hold tight on offering money to international amateur FAs.

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Uh oh – I made an offer to one of our Internationall Amateurs last sim and further negotiated with them this sim already. I will go ahead and try to withdraw.

Edit: Okay, I successfully withdrew the offer and exported anew.

Edit2: It is also possible I had the same issue noted by the user in the forum post you linked. The player I was negotiating with said he wanted some kind of guaranteed money after I offered him an amount close to what he was asking. In good faith, I clicked ‘meet expectation’ and (before withdrawing) left it at that. I didn’t actually notice my offer glitch-changed to $0, but that very-well could be in line with what occurred.

Yup, that’s exactly what happened to us. I imagine OOTP will have a fix for that before long.

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Trade to report between New Orleans and Oklahoma City:

The NO Simules receive:Jackie Bradley Jr. with 100% of his 2020 salary retained by OKC;

The OKC Trash Pandas receive: Logan Gilbert and Jake Cronenworth.

@MikeLikesBaseball once you confirm, whatever you did in-game for your trade with Baltimore was ideal, so please let everyone in the group know so it can be standard practice going forward.

I confirm the trade and welcome simulated Jackie Bradley Jr. to the Simules.

Bradley told the New Orleans Sentinel Times he is greatful to join a winning simulated organization and looks forward to a strong year heading into free agency.

It will be tough to have traded away all this prospect capital. However, I figure if I keep investing in drafting, developing and scouting, I should be able to rebound from these moves going forward while positioning the Simules to compete for a championship to please her rabid fan base.

And in terms of how I structured it last trade, I submitted an offer to my trade partner, in that case the Archers, and simply spelled out all the details of therin for Niv to process.

If it is perviously announced publicly (such as on this board), it’s my understanding Niv can then push it through without a second sim import/export cycle to confirm on the receiving end.

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I can manually put the trade together as I did for the first Baltimore trade, but I didn’t know I could just force through an existing proposed trade, so if you guys could propose the trade in-game before you export, that would be dope.


I forgot to rename the Seattle team and update their logo. I’ll have that fixed in the next save.

Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija refuses to be sent down after I mistakenly asked the AI to juggle my org.

Dude, I didn’t even want you up.

If you need pitching, the shark he is itching, to spin stitching on balls in your park.

The Yaks have a surplus at catcher: Buster Posey; Yan Gomes; Austin Barnes; and Jonathan Lucroy. Please let me know if interested. I’ve found privately messaging here works well.

San Diego and Memphis have agreed to the following trade:

This will be included in my team export for the next sim cycle.

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Reminder: 2pm ET tomorrow for your exports. I will ping anyone tomorrow morning who owes an export.

Austin trades Nomar Mazara to Baltimore for Jesus Aguilar (also posted in Slack).

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