Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, January 27, 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)

In-game date: January 27, 2020
Next sim date: Sunday, April 5, 8pm ET
Next in-game date: February 3, 2020


Please download the new league save file. I’m going to try to squeeze one more week in before potential OOTP updates on Monday. So, please export for the next week by 8pm ET tomorrow, Sunday 4/5.

You can now trade players who have “major” (more than 7 day recovery) injuries.

5 teams didn’t export last week. If any of them don’t export again and I don’t explicitly hear from them, as I did in the case of Memphis and Charlotte, I will look into getting some replacement GMs. Nothing personal and not a big issue, just would like to keep this moving and fully participated.

I pushed through 4 trades. Because of the longer sim period, I had to assign players from these trades. Everyone who could be moved into the minors and didn’t have to be on the 40-man, I put in AAA. Everyone who had to be on the 40-man was put on the 40-man. Everyone who was out of options was put on the major league team. As a result, a few of you will have to move some minor leaguers around. We won’t have many more long sim periods and I imagine trades will settle a bit, so hopefully this isn’t a recurring problem. If I messed up your org: I am super sorry, and let me know so I can handle it properly next time.

Please use this thread to announce any trades made during this play period. League website is updated.


If we don’t make any changes during between sims, do we still need to upload?

Nope but just let us know in thread

Trade just announced: the Indianapolis Gearheads send SP Vince Velasquez and 2B Jonathan Schoop to the Greensboro Jabberwocks in exchange for 2B Kolten Wong and $4,000,000 cash.

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Reminder for @OttoneuOOTP21 that I’d like to get one more sim in this weekend, so if you can export by 8pm ET or let us know that you don’t need an export, that’d be great!

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Thank you, Niv.

Trade block talk:
Clint Frazier, Willie Calhoun, and Samardzija are available. In the case of the two left fielders, I’d move one or the other not both.
Ideally in return, I would like a player with some team control or a prospect. I could use a glove-first MI. Or maybe an interestng RP 3.5stars or better.

The Simules and Archers are at it again:

Simules receive:
JT Riddle
Mallex Smith
Matt Strahm
$340,000 cash

Archers receive:
Willie Calhoun
Miguel Romero

Mallex Smith was seen running past the airport with a bag full of clothes.
“I’m not taking public transport in a simulated pandemic. Are you kidding me? I’m almost as fast as that plane, anyway!”

Riddle brings with him his glove and left his bat in the cage.

I will add the trade to my latest export.

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Niv, my co-owner did the export for the first time. I assume there’s no problem with it coming from a different machine? Can you just let us know if OKC doesn’t have an export for this round?

Getting ready to sim a week and export. Will update here shortly.

@kevinahof will do.

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Had a few people not export but I’m not going to worry about it until our next sim date.

OKC had a fine export this time.

Charlotte (@minihockey8) made another export with the “Wrong date” error - Hit me up if you’re running into issues downloading the latest league file.

Teams that this period has no import from: