Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, July 2020

Fresno sends RP Wade Davis 100% retained to Baltimore for LF Juan Pie

Baltimore confirms

Fresno sends SP Trevor Richards to Fort Worth for RF Alexander Ramirez

Ft. Worth confirms.

Greensboro trades Starling Marte to Brooklyn, retaining 100% of his contract in return for Trevor Larnach and Luis Matos.

If anyone is looking to move a SP im willing to depart with Oneil Cruz to upgrade my pitching staff- Nashville

Cleveland is sending Chris Archer to Fresno for Brandon Lowe and Gerson Bautista. No money is exchanging hands


Houston Musketeers Sends:
SP Freddy Peralta (OLL)

Nashville Nightcaps Sends:
2B Oneil Cruz (OLAA)

@jacochri to confirm

Nashville confirms

Houston Musketeers Sends:
RP Ken Giles (OLL)
$2,000,000 cash

Oklahoma City Trash Pandas Sends:
SP Sam McWilliams (OLAAA)

@kevinahof to confirm

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cleveland is sending howie kendrick to OKC for sam tuivailala and eric hosmer. OKC will be retaining Hosmer’s Will to Win, but no money is being retained or changing hands.


Also confirmed!

This was discussed on slack,
Greensboro is trading Hunter Renfroe and Karson Bowen to New Orleans for Jeter Downs

Last minute deal: Greensboro Jabberwoks send Hunter Renfroe and Karson Bowen to the New Orleans Simules for Jeter Downs. No salary is retained. It has been submitted in game.

Err. Confirmed.

Yep. We submitted it right at the deadline.

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