Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, Postseason 2020


Sorry for not posting this last night, but the league website is updated to 10/2 and the league save file is updated as well.

@mmaude has taken over as the GM of Milwaukee. We still need a new GM for Charlotte.

Both division series are sitting at 2-2. Tonight at 8pm ET we will be simming game 5s and real-time simming game 6s. If there are any game 7s, they will also be real-time simmed.

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Hi all! can confirm I’m the GM of the OLL Franchise currently located in Milwaukee. i’m mmaude on Slack as well, where you can find me asking the same questions you all probably did two months ago. I’ll open up shop in the coming days, but would like to give respect to the teams still fightin for a trophy (and learn the names of the players on my team).

Thanks for having me :slight_smile:


Site updated through 10/4. Real-time sim is live.

World Series is set, league save is updated, and league website is updated through 10/7.

OLL 2020 World Series Odds

To win series
OKC -200
IND +195

Specific Outcomes
To Sweep:
OKC +900
IND +2900

To Win in 5:
OKC +450
IND +1000

To Win in 6:
OKC +350
IND +800

To Win in 7:
OKC +400
IND +820

ABQ is betting on OKC in 4, 6 or 7, MEM takes Indy or OKC in 5
MEM and ABQ also have a side bet on an OKC sweep

What kinda wagers are these? Can I put 100k of my boss’s money on the ‘Heads?

Game 4 real-time sim is live.

Site’s updated through 10/11

League site is updated to 10/12. OKC has a 3-1 lead on Indy and we’ll be real-timing all games tomorrow.

Not to steal the spotlight, but the Milwaukee Milkshakes will now be playing their home ballgames at The Blender, starting in 2021


@Henry.Woodbury is the new GM for Charlotte.


Charlotte’s new team name will await creation of new team logo…

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Game 5 is live

Congrats to OKC for their 4-1 OLL WS win.

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New league save file is up and website is updated. I’ll sim to Monday, Oct 19 tomorrow. Offseason is here.

It will be Charlotte Carp Streamers. It looks like I can upload logos to OOTP, so Niv, if you update team name, I should be able to push team the rebrand material at will.

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Austin Miners are changing their name to “Austin Murder Hornets.” Also changing the name of the stadium to “The Hornet Nest.” I’ll try to upload a new logo.


Tomorrow I’ll sim ahead 1 day, to 10/14. That is when the off-season will start. You can use the time between 10/14 and 11/6 in game to deal with arbitration ahead of free agency filings.

Our sim schedule will be:

Tomorrow to 10/14
Tuesday to 10/21
Wednesday to 10/28
Thursday to 11/6

Once we get to 11/6, we can sort out how we need to pace things to deal with FA.


This morning, Baltimore released their trade block, though it is admittedly not exhaustive.

C: Tommy Murphy

IF: Niko Goodrum, Luis Rengifo, Jorge Mateo, Forrest Wall, Mitch Moreland, Danny Mendick, Yairo Munoz

OF: Mitch Haniger, Bradley Zimmer, Jacob Robson

SP: Jameson Taillon, Jacob Nix, Mike Foltynewicz

Nashville’s Trade Block
C Kyle Higashioka ($583K, projected salary for 2021)
C Dom Nunez ($555K)
1B Rio Ruiz ($583K)
2B Xavier Edwards ($555K)
CF Travis Swaggerty ($555K)
2B Yonny Hernandez
C Jose Godoy
LF Andrew Stevenson
RF JJ Bleday
SP Riley Cornelio
1B Mason Martin
CF Tristan Fry
SP Kyle Young
SP Thomas Hatch
SP Konnor Pilkington

If you’re interested in any of those players, let me know!