Ottoneu panel on Sunday 1p ET, part of PITCHCON

PitcherList’s online conference, PITCHCON, started yesterday. Read the intro or check it out on Twitch. They are raising money for a great cause (Feeding America) and hosting a ton of great baseball talks. It’s live right now and most of the day tomorrow and Sunday.

Sunday at 1pm, there will be an introduction to Ottoneu panel that will have myself, Chad Young (@chy924) and Justin Vibber (@eamuscatuli). If you have time on Sunday, please check it out!


It’s 1p ET Sunday. There’s a viewers question section so I hope to hear from some of you.

Big thank you to PitcherList for running such a great event, to all of you for watching us on Sunday, and to Chad (@chy924) and Justni (@eamuscatuli) for spreading the good word of Ottoneu.

Here is a video of the panel in case you missed it:

If you have any questions or thoughts or feedback after watching the video, don’t hesitate to send me a DM or post to this thread.

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Great job, guys! And kudos to Pitcher List for having you on. This is a great intro, folks, so let’s share it with our baseball nerd friends!


thanks for posting the panel…great cross-section of perspectives from development through game-play, and tools

I’m going to have to fire up the surplus calculator…haven’t used it before and now I’m curious if it will support or challenge my valuations

I have three teams, each 4x4 but very different leagues, so I think it will be eye opening and fun to consider for this season and next

thanks Niv

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