Ottoneu Points "20k" Badge

If you’ve ever hit the “20,000” mark in an Ottoneu points league (FGPTS or SABR), you can earn this badge. Let me know.

Should make a similar badge for roto formats. 90.0 in 4x4, maybe 110.0 in 5x5

My team El Festival de Batazos in league 107 finished with 20,197:

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Looks like you won three in a row and set the all-time high score for your league in 2016. I’d call that a success. You’ve been badged.

Ah, a runaway championship and a record breaking season.

Just barely got there in UZR Friendly:
Came up just short in 303 with 19,981.8 :frowning:

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Well done - just over the mark. Love the team name, too. Congrats on you win (again).

21K here. Any discussion of having a 20K points league or 20K champions league for 2017?

That’s a huge score - well done. Not sure yet if there will be a 20k league but there may be some openings in the Ottoneu Champions league this winter. More to come soon.

I’m pretty sure there have been less than a dozen 20K seasons, so hard to form a league with that as a requirement

hi-can i still get the badge? league 168.

Sure thing. Great season. Congrats.

Badge me - league 198. Thanks!

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Vegan Ham Fighters in Bob Loblaw’s Law Ball made it this past year.
Standings as of October 3, 2016
Vegan Ham Fighters 20083.8

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Hi, I hit 20,687 in Cargill Tax this year. Bombo Rivera. Finished #11 globally

TeamShutEmDown got 20k+ in 2019.

Ooh I got this, The Devil of Snell’s Kitchen in

Requesting badge for last year’s title. I’m The Plakata Principle. Thanks .

I also hit 20K last year in the Cargill Tax league. Requesting the badge of honor.