Ottoneu Points Standings Dashboard

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The Ottoneu Standings Dashboard has been updated for both FanGraph Points and SABR (New!).





Just plug in your league ID (located in URL of your league home page) into cell B1 and the Dashboard will update your league standings in real time to give you more depth (and projections) than what are found on your league site.

Hat tip to @eamuscatuli for his help building this tool.

More about the Dashboard here.


Hey @eamuscatuli - these are fantastic. However, it looks like the pacing totals aren’t working properly in the SABR sheet, so the nice ‘Projected Champion’ graph isn’t plotting either.


For those owners in tight league races, don’t forget about the availability of the dashboard, which can help you determine just how aggressive you need to be heading into the trade deadline.


Is this broken?


Yes, this has not been updated since a new “CHG” column was added to the standings, though I think @eamuscatuli has released a multi-league version: Multi League FGPts Standings Dashboard


That one also seems to be broken.


@avs18fan @LuckyStrikes

Easy fix is just to insert a new column in the sheet to account for the addition of the ‘CHG’ column to the standings page. In the sheet, click the ‘V’ column (just a black separator) and ‘Insert 1 Left’. Everything should auto-populate after that. Then remove the black fill on column V, as this is now ‘P/IP’. I think I fixed all the formulas for some of the calculations, but no guarantees. :smile:

Updated Ottoneu Points League