Ottoneu Prospect Tracker 2021

I didn’t release this tool last year, because obviously there was no minor league season in 2020, but this year I’m re-releasing my Ottoneu FGPts Prospect Tracker for 2021 now that the minors have finally started again.

Leveraging the MLB Pipeline prospect stats website ( ), this tool calculates ottoneu FanGraphs points totals for all 900 prospects ranked by MLB Pipeline. You will see one tab for Hitters, and another for Pitchers, and both tabs will let you filter by just Top 100 prospects or all prospects, as well as various time-frames (Yesterday, Last 10 days, Last 30 days, and 2021 season totals). I’ve used a tracker Sheet like this in the past, and I’ve found it helpful in identifying under the radar prospects whose helium might be rising. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to let me know!

Ottoneu Prospect Tracker 2021


FYI- because of the way the tool pulls the tables from MLB Pipeline, if you see any issues where hitters and/or pitchers won’t load, increase the Min PA option. That filter option is there for exactly that reason, since Google Sheets won’t load the tables if there are too many players. For example, as of this morning I put 22 for Min PA for hitters and pitchers for All 900 Prospects (there’s a drop down selection, but you can also type in whatever # you want) to get them to load.


Does it separate performance at different levels? I noticed Alek Manoah is listed twice on the pitcher list, so I started looking and Spencer Strider and Aaron Hernandez showed up twice as well. Might just be a glitch on my end. Each record for Spencer Strider says “All 5” levels, but I believe he has only pitched in three levels in the minors this year

It won’t load any prospects for me anymore, even at top 100 and min 100 PA. Any suggestions?

99% chance the tool is broken right now because the source (MLB Pipeline prospect stats) isn’t showing up at the moment.

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