Ottoneu Prospect Tracker

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Leveraging the MLB Pipeline prospect stats website (, I’ve created a tool that calculates ottoneu FanGraphs points totals for all 900 prospects ranked by MLB Pipeline. You will see one tab for Hitters, and another for Pitchers, and both tabs will let you filter by just Top 100 prospects or all prospects, as well as various time-frames (Today, Yesterday, Last 10 days, Last 30 days, and 2019 season totals). I’ve used a tracker Sheet like this in the past, and I’ve found it helpful in identifying under the radar prospects whose helium might be rising. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to let me know!

Ottoneu Prospect Tracker (you will need to make a copy of the Sheet to select your own filters/sort)



For those in the @Community that follow @prospects, this is a really cool tool by @eamuscatuli

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This is a great tool, @eamuscatuli. Thanks so much for building and sharing!



Currently getting an N/A when I switch the timeframe or switch to All 900. Made a copy first, so it’s not that.



There is apparently some issue with the ImportHTML function where the data being pulled exceeds whatever limit Google sets. I believe this is happening because all the player rows contain images. I will try to see if I can get around this somehow, but for now there will be intermittent issues.

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Okay, I just added PA filters, which can help to constrain the number of players returned on the MLB Pipeline site, so you can use those to play around with a PA limit that returns data if you’re looking at YTD or All 900 prospect data. It’s not perfect, but it helps.