Ottoneu Six Picks is live

It looks like qualification at DH is adding a qualification for CI (Harper, Ohtani, Stanton, etc.). Just curious if this was the intent. Looking forward to playing!

It is for Ohtani specifically, but not really for anyone else, so that might change in the next day or two. Get them in while you can!

Roger that!

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Are rp rules the same as regular ottoneu? IE no credit if a pitcher in the rp slot starts a game?

Correct. Is there someone you can pick at RP that is starting today?

Drey Jamison for dbacks.


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This has officially changed, but won’t affect anyone who snuck in a DH at CI today.

You can pick him at RP today, but only for the game he isn’t starting. I’ve confirmed that players in the RP slot that do not start will get 0 points as well.

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The Six Picks mobile experience has been greatly upgraded. Still has that late aughts design, but a lot easier to navigate on your phone. Check it out, remains free to play for everyone.


Fun, but I cannot save today. Getting 500 back.

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I linked up Simeon Woods Richardson, who is debuting today for the Twins, to fix this issue.

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Six Picks happening during the playoffs too?

That is currently the plan. It’ll be a new session so leaderboards will start over, etc.


:fire: :baseball: :fire:

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Excellent!! Thanks…happy to extend the season. Really enjoying the new Pick Six. Now, if only Aaron Judge would hit a home run or two down in Texas…

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This has been a lot of fun! For some reason, it says there are no games today and won’t let me make an entry, even though there are already 18 entries for today. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks!

Our data provider has been mucking up the schedule and I have to manually fix it every morning.

Should be fixed now!


Only one game: more or less challenging?