Ottoneu Surplus Calculator (2018 version)


This won’t answer your question, but I thought some insight in how I use the calculator might be useful to you.

I assume the numbers are meant for first year leagues. I’m too lazy to find them right now, but prior articles on Rotographs have talked about inflation being around 25% depending on how old the league is, so I’ve been taking that into account. If you want to use it as a loose guide for what guys might more realistically go for in the draft, in column L on the Team Roster tab put in =J3(asterisk)1.25, go one row down and type =J4(asterisk)1.25, and so on. Again, it’s not perfect, but I think produces more realistic potential auction costs.


I have updated the dollar values for all four formats based on the latest Steamer projections


New feature on the Surplus Calc:

Lookup tab, select player name from the dropdown in B1 to see the following information:

*Current owner in league
*Average Salary
*2018 projected value per default SC values (specific to league format)
*2015-2017 actual $ value (FGPts only), PPG/PIP, Pts, and G/IP

As always, if you have any suggestions for the calculator please let me know!


Dollar values for all formats have been updated


My first move when an update comes out is to add columns to team roster and arb targets for inflation indexed values. I add columns for inflation-indexed value, surplus and total value (value+surplus). Any chance of adding these?


Yes, I’ve been meaning to add some inflation specific columns, though no promises on ETA.


SC broken? It’s giving up on about 1/2 the rosters in my league

Nvm - I got a new copy and it’s werkin


I’ve added the team’s internal ID to the roster export. I mention it on this thread in case it breaks the Surplus Calculator…


I think it did, unfortunately.


Any chance this can get resolved before Wednesday?


I’m working on fixing this now, but I don’t know how long it will take.


Okay, the roster import that was broken is now fixed, everyone will need to download the latest version of the surplus calculator.


kind of frustrating that four days before the cut deadline, a change just had to be made that would break it. couldn’t have waited niv?


Justin already fixed it because he’s the best.


Damn Justin, it is like you are supplying these people with crack or something.


I guess I know the main dependency of the Surplus Calculator now! It should be way more stable going forward and I’ll make sure to reach out before I make any future changes to it.

A lot of 3rd party tools use this export (as one might expect) and another dev made a request which resulted in this change.


Free crack… the very worst kind



I’ve added the 2018 RotoGraphs ottoneu rankings as a $ value option, under Team Totals change cell B21 to “Yes” to use those $ values (FGPts only!) rather than the SC default (currently 100% Steamer, soon to be Depth Charts).


I also just pushed an update to the Free Agents tab (you can now sort by $ Value AND Ownership %)