Ottoneu Surplus Calculator (2018 version)


Thanks again for doing this. It could be that I’m doing something wrong, but I think the lookup tab might be busted in the newest version. It’s showing a dropdown of otto id’s instead of names. Thanks.


Love this tool. Thank you for putting this together.

There used to be an “inflation” column on the free agents tab that accounted for their value in my specific league, but that seems to have disappeared. Any reason why?

Thanks again!


I have the same question about this. It was super helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:


Love this tool. Will it be updated with more recent projections before the season starts?


Hey Thanks for this tool. I love it. Could you clarify something for me? What is the difference between the default fangraph pts values and the 2018 rotographs ottoneu rankings values?

Trying to decide which I should use for my league (Ottoneu Fangraph pts)