Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2019

Here is a very early version of the Ottoneu Surplus Calculator, I have pre-loaded it with dollar values (FGPts only for now!) based on the just released Steamer 2019 projections. Right now this early SC has no additional features since last year’s version , but I will probably be working on adding some new features over the winter.

A few important instructions before you use the sheet:

  1. The sheet I’ve linked is locked for editing, so you must make a copy and save it to your own Drive to use it. Just click on File:Make a copy to do so.
  2. Once you’ve made a copy of the sheet, enter the league # you want to run through the Calc in B17 on the Team Totals tab, everything else will load automatically once you’ve done that
  3. The Team Roster tab will let you select any team in your league and sort that team using a few different options. There are other tabs showing the Free Agents in your league, and Arb Targets (the positive surplus players for each team).

Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2019

Changelog :
3/11- Updated $ values for FGPts, SABR, 4x4 using Depth Charts
3/8- Updated $ values for 5x5 using Depth Charts projections
1/15- Updated $ values for all four formats using up to date Steamer
12/11-Updated $ values for all four formats using Steamer
11/13-Loaded initial $ values for FGPts using Steamer '19


Also, I forgot to mention, but any existing SC copies you’re using now should show up to date FG $ values (just take a peek at Soto to check, should be $39).

Thank you! This is always a great resource.

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Awesome resource. A couple of questions - will this auto update with new projections that come out? will it update automatically after arbitration?

It will automatically update as I load new $ values, since they pull from a separate Google Sheet that I maintain. They don’t update when projections change, I still need to manually load in the new $ values for changes to occur.

The sheet will automatically update with new salaries/surplus calculations after arbitration, yes, but again the $ values only update when I make changes to them. I will always announce those changes in this thread.

Thank you so much for updating this tool! Quick note–I noticed that for players with a higher salary than value, their surplus value is calculating as $0 instead of a negative value. The 2018 version calculated a negative value. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks again for the work you put into this tool!

I’ll have to take a look, I think those are set to zero so the tool can flag players as keeps/cuts, but I can try to fix this soon.

Eamus, would it be possible to show a player’s actual 2018 value next to his contract and 2019 projections? I’m trying to add it to my copy of the spreadsheet right now, but I’m not certain that it’s actually pulling from a 2018 values sheet so I figured I’d check. Miggy Cabrera is currently valued at $26 - given his shortened 2018, that must be either a 2018 projection or a 2019 projection and not his value for last year.

Is that an update for a linked values sheet, something that’s still in the works for the 2019 sheet, or is this something I’m better off doing on my own?

By the way this thing is amazing and my co-owner and I are super jacked to have it going into our first offseason. Thanks for putting all of this together!


I don’t have 2018 actual $ values computed yet, but that’s a feature I could try to add to the SC.

The FGPts values in the SC currently (like Miggy at $26) are based on 2019 Steamer projections.

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That’d be fantastic. Thank you!

Is there a way to correct some players showing $0 proj value? I don’t think Andrelton Simmons is a a $0 player. Thanks for an invaluable resource.

Sorry if I missed this in a previous post, but does the Auction Calculator come up with projected value based on positional scarcity? I’m trying to figure out what Yasmani Grandal is projected to be worth $20 while Javy Baez is only $19 when Steamer shows much more robust stats for Baez. Thanks!

Yes, the $ valuation method I use incorporates positional scarcity in a sense, but to put it simply I use the Nth number of players at each position that are typically owned at $2+ as my baseline, and the Catcher position has a lower baseline than Shortstop. Also, Grandal is projected as C3, while Baez projects at a much more average SS9.

Are the 5x5 dollar values built yet. I cannot see them.

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Not yet, but I will be adding them soon (this week? early next week?)


Thank you for the quick response and your work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for all this!

I’m also wondering about a player on my roster that has a value of $0 - John Lester. When I go to the $Values tab (which I’m assuming is where the Team Roster tab is pulling from, I don’t see Lester on there. Are there some players that don’t show up intentionally, or is this an error?

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This is great, my favorite tool for the off-season. Will 5x5 and 4x4 values be input soon? Thanks!

I would gladly contribute $5-10 to patreon or other for the work you’ve done on this tool, it’s been worth far more to me over the past few years.


I have uploaded updated $ values for all four ottoneu formats