Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2019


Thanks for doing this, its a huge help!


I’m in the process of uploading new $ values, all formats are now updated


Justin does that include 2018 numbers?


Not sure I understand, can you clarify?


When you go to the player lookup tab, you can see the past three years of values for that player. But the 2018 values seem to be the projections for the past season, and the updated stats haven’t been loaded in. I took a screenshot of what I’m talking about. Capture

There’s hidden sheets for 17-15, but nothing for 18, so I figure that’s pulling from the projections value tab for next season.


Ahh, thanks for explaining, yeah I haven’t calculated $ values for the past season (2018) yet, I will tweak that tab to reflect that.


Sounds good. Thanks again Justin!