Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2019


Thanks for doing this, its a huge help!


I’m in the process of uploading new $ values, all formats are now updated


Justin does that include 2018 numbers?


Not sure I understand, can you clarify?


When you go to the player lookup tab, you can see the past three years of values for that player. But the 2018 values seem to be the projections for the past season, and the updated stats haven’t been loaded in. I took a screenshot of what I’m talking about. Capture

There’s hidden sheets for 17-15, but nothing for 18, so I figure that’s pulling from the projections value tab for next season.


Ahh, thanks for explaining, yeah I haven’t calculated $ values for the past season (2018) yet, I will tweak that tab to reflect that.


Sounds good. Thanks again Justin!


I don’t know if it was just me, somehow, but I just had to change field B19 of the Team Totals page to find the 7th row of the table, instead of the 6th; otherwise the $ Values Input page was blank. Did Niv change something on the League Settings page?


Nope, no changes since Justin’s last update. I loaded the SC up yesterday without any issues.


Hmmm… seems like the change in the names of the scoring system on the overview page that is imported into League Type Box (ie: H2H Fangraphs Points to H2H Fangraphs Points Per-matchup GS Cap: 7) might have broken some things… unless I’m missing something. All value values are zeroed out now.

edit: clarity


This phrase, for the H2H folks, is obviously the key to getting the spreadsheet to work again at this stage (until an official fix comes around). If you replace B19 on worksheet Team Totals with H2H Fangraphs Points the calculator should work fine.

But you do, at this point, need to stop the web call to your league’s overview page from pulling the newly renamed Scoring System (now helpfully - to rules comprehension, but not excel imports- including the GS Cap).

** I expect this would apply to H2H Sabr. But I can’t confirm.


I’ll work with Justin to get this fixed today.


One workaround to this is to change cell B21 (Custom $ Values?) on the Team Totals tab to “Yes”, and then copy/paste the $ values from your league scoring type’s $ values tab (for example, FGPTS $ Values tab for FG points) into the Custom $ Values tab. Doing that overrides the SC trying to pull the correct format values. This is also the way one could make adjustments to any values they wanted to player by player.


I’ve made a change to the League Overview page to show the GS Cap setting in a different way. This should remove the need to workaround to get the SC working.

@Dahdscear could you let me know if it is still broken?


Confirmed. Fixed. Thanks all!


This is awesome, Justin. Thanks a lot! I’m heading into my 2nd year Ottoneu draft and missed this little nugget the first go 'round. I was very happy to learn that without previously looking at this SC I have a “Keeper Surplus” of $1, haha.

I’m not able to sort by position on the Free Agent tab. Is there any way to fix that?

Also, before I found your SC I did some value calculations of my own using the Fangraphs auction calculator. When using Steamer to project FA values I’m coming up with numbers that differ from yours. Do you use your own set of value calculations based on the projected stats? Any chance you will add the other projection systems (ATC, THE BAT) to this document?
Not saying you need to, this is already a huge help!


Unfortunately there’s no way to sort the FA tab by position due to how it functions, but you can filter on Position(s) by clicking on the little upside down pyramid and selecting one (or more) positions to show.

The FG auction calculator values are different than the ones on the SC mostly due to the assumptions that tool makes vs the assumptions I make. As far as I can tell the FG auction calc is valuing players based on total points, but I calculate Points Above Replacement using PPG or Pts/IP, so high volume players look better in their values than mine, while lower volume but high efficiency players will have higher values on the SC. I usually update the $ values to FG DepthCharts projections after ZiPS is fully released, but for now they are based on Steamer only.

Lastly, I have some things planned for the Surplus Calculator that will allow for more customization/feature requests, but I don’t know when those plans will come to fruition. I will be sure to post any updates in this thread though!


any chance of an update coming soon? got my draft coming up on Sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again for all the work on this tool, it’s so great!


I’m actually working on updated $ values right now, and my hope is to release a new version of the SC along with the updated values tomorrow or Friday.


you rock!!!