Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2019


Any ETA for 5x5 values? We’ve got a league with a bunch of new players and could really use some guidance from the esteemed Ottoneu Surplus Calculator. Thanks much for all of the hard work!


5x5 dollar values have been updated, using the latest Depth Chart projections


You are a hero! Just in time for my auction tonight


FanGraphs, SABR, and 4x4 points dollar values have been updated using Depth Charts projections


Hi, thanks for the great work!

I don’t see the voted-off players on the Free Agents tab any more. Is that by design?


I’ll have to look into this, can you give me your league #?


League number 948


As far as I can tell that’s not a vote-off league, Masters of War is the correct league name?


Oh, snap. Yes, Masters of War is the correct league, and we just changed it from vote-off to allocation. That must be the problem.