Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2024

The early version of the 2024 Surplus Calculator is now on my Patreon, and is exclusive to my patrons (just like 2023, there will be no public SC release this year).

Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2024


I’m curious about some of the valuations in the SC vs. the Fangraphs Auction Calculator and if anyone can share some insights. But before getting into that, let me say that everyone should go become a Pateron of Justin and download the Surplus Calculator – it’s such a great tool and so much fun to play around with this time of year.

Occasionally some odd valuations pop up in the SC and when they do, I head over to the FG Auction Calclator and see what it has to say as well as a point of comparison. I know the SC has a bit of a “secret sauce” for its valuations, but since they are both based on Steamer there are some differences I still can’t quite square.

Here’s an example:

To take two Rockies, Brendan Rogers (2B) is projected by the AC to score 658 points as is valued by the SC at $8. Teammate Ryan McMahon, with dual 2B/3B eligibility, is projected by the AC to score 668 points but only has a $6 value in the SC. Why would Rodgers, projected to score 10 fewer points and only eligible at one position, be valued $2 higher by the SC?

What am I missing? Thanks for any thoughts from anyone!

Steamer has McMahon as 3B only. The auction calculator has him at 2B/3B, but if the positional data for the Surplus Calculator is taken directly from Steamer, it probably has him for 3B only. Which gives him less value.

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Does the Surplus Calculator work only for leagues you are in, or can you use it to evaluate any league, like those you may be considering joining?

You can use it for any league.

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That’s what I was missing! Thank you. That makes sense that the SC would value 2B / MI higher than just 3B.