Owner claims a player he started got benched by the system

Niv, does the system save versions of itself to see if there was a system glitch, or is there anyway to check the veracity of this claim?

I’m the commissioner of league 531 (Leisured Gentleman’s League II) and the team in question is CRISPR. He says he set Syndergaard to start Monday. Our league allows a max of 10 pitching starts and the owner claims that he needed to start all his pitchers this week as their total scheduled starts is less than 10 and can’t spare a single missed start.

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As you may imagine, this would be an immense amount of data and so we don’t store historical states of the lineup that are not finalized.

It’s very unlikely that the system benched a SP at the start of the week but it may be worth reviewing this thread:

Due to the mechanics of how lineups are coded, I can see where a player was last set in the lineup BEFORE they locked and then can compare if there is a difference. There will only be a difference in two cases:

  1. Auto-bench is on and the player is a hitter that is not in the lineup
  2. The specific scenario where there are not enough SP slots for how many pitchers are in the pending lineup, as described in the thread I shared in my first reply.

Anyway, in this case the team CRISPR had Syndergaard on the bench on Monday explicitly - there was no difference between where Syndergaard was placed on Monday versus where he locked.

I also have gotten wiser over the years and log when a player is benched by the system at lock time, so I can always confirm if a player was moved to the bench by the system. So I guess in a way a lot of the information one would need to figure out if this was a user error or system glitch is being stored - my message in my first post on this point was not entirely accurate, chalk it up to a little confusion on my part.

All in all I think this was a mistake made regarding setting future lineups, which can be tricky and should always be explicitly checked on the date by using the date picker on the lineup page.


Thanks for looking into it, Niv, I appreciate it.