Owner has live "start auction" after cutting player

“Feature” or problem?
In league 591, I cut Buster Posey on 5/22. A second owner (Steak Lobsta) claimed Posey off waivers on 5/23, then cut him on 5/25. The second owner has a live “start auction” button on Posey’s page, while I have a “YOU CUT BUSTER POSEY WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS” message and no “start auction” button.

The second owner raised this question, since he wants to play fairly.

Rule V.g states “The team that dropped the player may not nominate or bid on the player until 30 days after the drop date, unless the keeper deadline occurs in between the drop date and the player’s new auction.” Does this rule apply to only the first owner who dropped Posey, only the second owner who dropped Posey, or both?

Thanks for any clarification.

Steak Lobsta should not be able to auction Posey. This is definitely a bug. I’ll look into it.

The underlying bug was that the waiver claim part of the site allowed an owner to claim a player they cut within the last 30 days. This should not be allowed and will be fixed shortly.

UPDATE: Actually the site was checking if a player was cut within 30 days before allowing a waiver claim to be made. So I’m still investigating how this team was able to cut Posey twice within 30 days.

Did you do anything with the Auction Draft on May 19?

Steak Lobsta no longer can start an auction for Buster Posey.

The reason the waiver claim was allowed is because the site believed that the auction draft for league 591 was completed on May 19. If the auction draft is completed between the most recent cut and now, the 30 day rule does not matter. I’m wondering why the site thinks the auction draft was done on May 19 for a league that clearly has been active all season - that’s the underlying bug that hopefully we can sort out.

Thanks, pretty interesting one!

Niv, the site is correct. We completed our auction draft on 5/19, around noon EDT. This is the league that started with 2 owners, filled the league late, and decided to do a total redraft. As a result of a trade on the 19th, I dropped Posey, and on the 23rd, Steak Lobsta claimed him, and then turned around 2 days later and cut him.

Hopefully that helps. Let me know what else you need…

Ok! Right. This is that league. Ok then we are good.

The site was right about the auction draft. I was worried there was a way to accidentally trick it.

The fix I made makes sure to look at the most recent cut by a team of a player within the last 30 days, which should resolve the issue.

I’m still a bit confused, though. As the first owner, am I allowed to start an auction for Posey? Rule V.g is silent on my condition. I would expect it to say something like (the english may need some work):

g. The team that dropped the player may not nominate or bid on the player until 30 days after the drop date, unless the player is added and cut before the 30 days expires or the keeper deadline occurs in between the drop date and the player’s new auction.


For any given player, every team that cut them within the last 30 days cannot auction them or claim them on waivers. The site is not allowing you to start an auction for Posey per your original post, and that is correct behavior and consistent with the rules as they are currently written. I suppose the rule should explicitly state that an auction draft happening after the cut will also allow for reauctioning.

Thanks, Niv. I now understand. I don’t think a rule clarification is needed. I just didn’t clearly think through the ramifications of the rule in this case. Best wishes.

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The 30-day stuff is a little tricky. Glad you were able to get it figured out. Let me know if there’s anything else I can clarify.

Could Steak Lobsta and/or I get the bug catcher badge for this bug?

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Too funny. I don’t know what happened with the system, but thanks for the way ahead gents! I am the owner of Steak Lobsta.

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I’ll give both of you this badge. I love finding things like this that are genuine “oh!” moments for me.