Owner Needed - $20 FGPTs Leaague

We have a single team available in league 874, whose roster is available here

As you have likely noticed, the roster is pretty barren because the previous owners made many cuts well before the cut deadline. As such, any new owner could take back any/all of these cuts free of penalty. If you scroll back through the transactions log of the league you can find the players that were cut. Our league is very active, with trades having gone through this offseason quite frequently. You can access our league charter here (I will grant you access to the document once you click the link).

We like to ask that owners log in at least once every two weeks, although we certainly understand if things come up. Of course, during the season we’d ask that you log in more often if possible. Send me an email at ealber9 [at] uic.edu if you’re interested!


Quick Update: I reversed all of the cuts ahead of time so anyone interested can take a look at the team all on one page.

This vacancy has been filled.

If you have another one, please post it… I’m looking…