Owner Wanted, $20 FGPTS

Hey guys, I have a new vacancy in my league. Decent team, has Acuna, Judge, Scherzer. Not a contender yet but has some assets to work with.

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Last Minute League - Canha Miller Time.

Team is listed in Available Teams. League name is Last Minute League. Team is Canha Miller Time.

Are you still looking for an owner, because I’m interested in joining if so!

That team was filled. Another league has this team available:

Hey, that second team I mentioned is available if you’re still interested. It’s listed as Abandoned. The league name is “Higher WRC….”

I sent a message to the commissioner, but I’m not sure if they got it. I’m new to the community forum aspect of Ottoneu so I’m not sure if I sent it the right way.

Go here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball

League name is “Higher Wrc….”, team is named Abandoned. This should get you in.

Thanks! I just need a league password to claim it

Took awhile but the password is changeit. :man_shrugging: