Owner wanted for 879 (FgPts $50)


Looking for someone with Ottoneu experience.

I might be interested. Would I be able to make penalty-free cuts as a new owner if it’s pre-arb?

I don’t think you want to make cuts until January 31 if you are picking up a team today.

What Niv said. That salary cap doesn’t matter right now, and you’d have until the keeper deadline (Jan 31 2021) to get your team in a valid state. All teams can make all the penalty free cuts they want in between Nov 14 (post arbitration) and Jan 31 (keeper deadline). However, you’ll find many teams don’t cut any players until really close to Jan 31 because there’s no benefit.

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Gotcha, yeah that’s what I thought after I sent it.

Team still open because is probably take it

password should be “baseball”

Still looking for an owner.