Ownership % advanced filter on player search

On the player search page, sorting by Ownership % has been extremely helpful for finding free agents.

On the larger positions (SP, RP, OF), though, I run into errors loading the search results.

Would it be possible to add Ownership % to the advanced filters list to avoid this? My thinking is, even setting it to 1% would decrease the number of players it returns dramatically.


Because of how filters are set up, this isn’t a trivial change, but I have it logged and will explore it further.

That makes perfect sense, thanks for considering!

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Spent some time on this today, and I think I have a solution out in the wild. Try it out, let me know.

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Wow, that works perfect, thanks so much! Love being able to include minor league players in the results now.

The only thing I see is RP doesn’t return any results, even with the own% up pretty high. Any idea why that would be different?

I take that back, searching by RP works. “Include minors” doesn’t, that’s what I was trying. That’s really not a big deal at all, generally I just want major leaguers at that position.

This is a big help, thanks for adding it!

Could you show me exactly the search you’re doing that isn’t returning results as expected?

Glad it mostly works!

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If I don’t include minors or owned players, and add an ownership % limit sometimes it loads sometimes it doesn’t.

Any other search with RP I get the error message.

There is a memory issue when trying to pull all RPs without name qualification, separate from this altogether. I’m looking into that as well, but it’s been kicking around for a while.

Gonna consider this ownership rate thing mostly done!

Absolutely, thanks so much!

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