Paydala sign up?

At the risk of sounding totally ignorant, i would love for someone to explain how I sign up with Paydala.

You do not need to sign up. Click “extend” on your user dashboard and see what happens.

I was just about to but paused after copying the fine print into a .doc and seeing:

Inactivity Fee (charged monthly after six months of no customer-initiated financial transactions): $2.95

I don’t plan on using the service until next renewal (>6mo.), so is Paydala going to charge me $2.95 for making one payment now and then waiting until next year for my next?

  1. You still do not need to sign up for anything.

  2. I’ve received this question about the inactivity fee a few times over email and as a result checked in with the Paydala team about it. This fee is for anyone who has a digital wallet on Paydala with a balance. Because of how we’ve implemented our integration, this is never true for Ottoneu customers. Any deposit is immediately given to Ottoneu to pay for a team, and any prize is held by us until it is sent directly to your bank account. Since you’ll never have a balance, you won’t be subject to any inactivity fee.