Paying 3 Years Entry Fee In Advance

I have not participated in Ottoneu and wondering what thoughts you might have about joining a newly formed dynasty league here and being asked to pay three years of fees in advance to show commitment to the league. It isnt so much money ie $150 but I just havent encountered this before in other leagues I have been in. Thanks in advance for any thoughts given.

Most leagues do not require three years entry up front, but since the dynasty league is intended to create long term relationships in a very active league, I am asking first year owners to commit a little more firmly by paying in advance

I honestly like this idea, though I understand it is risky. I wouldn’t put 3 years of fees up front for just any league and any commissioner, but if you feel good about the commissioner and the rest of the league then it is a small cost that has the great payoff of low owner turnover.

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