Paying for team out of prizes

Not so much a question of withdrawal… but in the same realm and I apologize if it has been asked and answered… would be cool if we could leave winnings “on the site” and be able to pay off future leagues with it. Is that a thing? Could it be one day?

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I’ve received a few emails about this and I’m very interested in figuring out a solution here. I hope to have some ideas on this before October 2024, when 2024 baseball prizes will be sent out. If I can figure it out for another sport sooner, that would be pretty great too.

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I have Ally so I haven’t tried to withdraw. However, can we use the funds towards league dues for next year?

Ally Bank withdrawal has been successfully completed by other users. Here is a Wishlist topic about your other question.

So, if we want to wait around and see where things go with this idea for next year, is there any reason why we can’t leave the 2023 winnings in our account until then? Basically, can I treat my withdrawal page like my Starbucks card :sweat_smile:

I mean if you want. I have absolutely no timeline on this work.

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May go with this option as I cannot withdraw funds as I live in Canada

This… isn’t an option. You should email!

I’ve made a ton of progress on this and hope to have something to share by the end of the week.


I’m testing this through the weekend. Once this is rolled out, you’ll be able to choose between paying for teams with your credit card and paying with any outstanding prize or refund balance. You will be able to pay for any sport and even an OPL entry. This process will be handled entirely on the Ottoneu site and without any 3rd party processors involved.


This is going live shortly. When you pay for a team anywhere on the site, you should now see this pop-up:

From here you can either pay using credit card or bank account by pressing the top button, or pay out of your available balance.

Available balance considers any prize money and refunds you’ve been given, as well as any other teams you’ve paid for. All of this is tracked in your prize and refund tracker until you have a $0 balance via paying for enough league fees or withdrawing your available balance.

I am continuing to explore expanding options for prize withdrawal and payments. I will share updates as I can.

Thanks to everyone for this suggestion and support on this wishlist item. Technically the Genie badge goes to @bstines82 though I heard from a lot of you on this one.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu!


I see you said, “anywhere on the site”, but I just thought I’d clarify. This would include paying for OPL teams when it opens this year?

Yes absolutely

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Ha! I didn’t :scroll: :arrow_double_up:

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