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Hey everyone,

As we get closer to the oft-delayed deadline for basketball and football renewals, I wanted to capture any issues people were having with our new payment processor. I’ve received a couple of notes in Slack, mostly resolved by sorting out location access, but I’ve also heard of a couple of folks having trouble verifying themselves via the emailed or texted six digit code. If this or something else is affecting your ability to pay, please let me know here with as many details as you can share, so that I can inform the developers at the payment processor and we can get these bugs fixed.

This new payment system has worked for a number of people but that does not mean it is working for everyone and I would like to capture any feedback that can help the payment devs make the experience better for everyone.


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I also encourage you to email me at if you’d prefer to go that route rather than posting here. The more information I get, the more I can help people troubleshoot and the more I can share with the developers.

I was able to renew one team easily. But when I went to do the second team, I had a lot of trouble getting it to work. I went through the process of clicking the renewal and entering my card for the second team and clicked to send a verification code. I clicked over to my email to get the code and when I clicked back to the Ottoneu/Paydata window, I inadvertently clicked outside the Paydata widget and it went back to the Otto Dashboard and restarted the Paydata widget. This time when I started over and got to the email verification step, the Next button no longer worked. I tried several times and had the same issue. I ended up having to go to a different browser (started in Firefox, switched to Chrome) and doing the renewal process in the second league on that browser. Interestingly, the email verification code that I did on the other browser was the same as the second one I received (that I wasn’t able to get to the screen to enter it). Even in the new browser, it still remembered my contact information, presumably it was associated with the credit card number.

Hopefully that helps with the email verification bug that people are experiencing. It is pretty easy to click outside the Paydata widget when you are switching to your email and back, so I could see how others would have a similar problem. Anytime you do click outside of the widget, it restarts the widget and you have to start over.

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Experiencing a doom loop of location requests (which I approve) followed by Internal Server Errors and Error Code 500 when attempting to renew football via Paydala. US IP, multiple browser, same issue.

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Sorry to hear this. If anyone else is having a similar issue, please let me know.

If you could share with me some more information it might be helpful:

  • What kind of computer / device you are using, and if you have tried on say, a computer and your phone
  • If the server errors are within the Paydala widget or on Ottoneu itself

A lot of people have been able to renew at this point so I am confident we can figure out what is going on with your process. You can also email me if you’d prefer to continue this conversation over email instead of in the forums.


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Errors earlier were on iOS via both Chrome & Safari. I was just able to complete the transaction on PC using Chrome without issue.


Hello, today is NOV. 7 but I’ve already been locked out of my team “Mayfield Bakery”. Can you instruct me on how to pay to reclaim my team. Thanks Grant.

  1. Go to your user dash
  2. Click the “Extend now” link to the right of the team in your list of teams.

Trying to renew my only team, and it is a $20 tier league. Paydala is asking for $100 deposit. I am in one football and baseball league, not sure why I need to let them hold 2 and a half years of my money.


Can you email a link to the team you’re trying to renew? Thanks.

Yes I will

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I went to Extend Now and received this message “Unable to get user’s location.User denied geolacation prompt”

Is that just me or is the new system not functional yet?

Niv, please let me now what is going on.

The system is working and we’ve received a number of successful payments for all 3 sports since it launched. It sounds like your issue is with your computer allowing Ottoneu access to your location, which we need for compliance reasons - we need to know what state or country every user who plays Ottoneu is in, nothing more granular than that.

You may want to read this post about location settings

Or you may want to revisit your browser settings. If you are using Chrome for example, in your address bar when you are on your Ottoneu dashboard you will see something that looks like a map pin:

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 11.13.11 AM

You’ll want to click that if it has a red line through it or a red X and make sure location access is allowed for

If you have more details about what kind of device you’re trying to use and what browser you’re trying to use, I’m happy to help you figure out how to allow location access. I noticed you also emailed me, so if you want to continue the conversation over email, just send me that information directly and I’ll do what I can to help out.


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So, Thanks to Niv and Apple support I was able to get my problem resolved.

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Awesome, thanks for playing Ottoneu!

I am getting a spinning message from “Paydala” that says it cannot find my location. I am doing this on an iphone with location services enabled.

Any suggestions?

You can check this thread, as I’ve shared some help about getting location to work in the past here.

You want to make sure that your browser has access to location services, and you furthermore want to make sure you allowed access to your location within your browser. It’s 3 or 4 layers of permissions.