Persist INJ and Prospect lineup slots

I can’t remember if it used to work this way in prior seasons but I feel like it did.

When setting a player to “INJ” or “Prospect” in a Weekly Lineup, I think it should automatically change that player’s spot on the bench for all days moving forward until it’s changed back. As of now, it only changes that single day.

At the end of the day. the actual impact here is minimal, I just like keep my injured players as INJ as a reminder.

This doesn’t happen for technical reasons and I’m not sure exactly how to make this change. So while I would like to, this is probably a no-go.

One change I have made in this vein is to have the game matchup box score use the ordering of bench players from the weekly lineup view. So, if you want to move your injured players and prospects to the bottom there, it will move them out of the way of your active players when looking at your overall matchup. @mmaude and I came up with this half-solution in Slack when running into this same problem. Maybe this can help a little bit?

yea definitely better than nothing and already what i do now. I just could’ve swore it used to work like this prior to this year, not sure why I think that. appreciate the info!

It may have at some point, but I’ve reduced the amount of persistence in lineups in order to make it a little easier to see how the game caps are being used each week.

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