Person over cap, can still start auction

I have someone in the league who can still start auctions while being over cap. He’s in 11th so he’s “building for next year” what can we do/is there a way I can remove players from his team. A league of their own is the league name.

I’ll check today. They should not be able to start or bid on auctions

I’ll try and look things up but any links would be helpful

Ottoneu Fantasy Football - A League of Their Own - Lineup (

Ottoneu Fantasy Football - A League of Their Own - Auction Results (

I believe what is happening is he’s under the cap as he starts the auction, but if he starts multiple auctions and wins all of them, he can go over the cap.

That is correct. But they won’t be able to start any more auctions or bid on any auctions anyone else starts until they get their team into a legal state.

It is very reasonable to set expectations as a league for how long a team can in an illegal state before you either start removing players from the team or (the path I would take) consider replacing the manager in question.

Do i have the ability to remove players from the team? That’s a route I can go.

The commissioner can remove players, but if the manager is refusing to cut players on their own, I would consider replacing the manager. If the manager is waiting for all their auctions they started to finish to make cuts, I would allow them to do this. I do not see why removing players is a good option for the league.


Just to be super clear though, I believe the team over cap cannot start new auctions while they are over cap, so if that isn’t true, let me know, as that would be a bug.

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got it. He seems to not be able to start new auctions.

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if i had to go the route of cutting players, how would I go about that? In commisioner tools?

Yes, you can cut players or remove players (no cap penalty, no waiver period, no min bid for future auctions) using commissioner tools. I still would advise against doing that in the face of other options.