Photo Finish

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This elite badge is reserved for those owners who have won their league championship by ten (10) points or less in a points league, or 1 point or less in a roto league.

To request this badge please post a link to your standings page showing your championship.

You can earn this badge multiple times (that would be impressive).


how about one point in a 4x4


This definitely counts - well done


I’ve done that!


Wow, super close race. Congrats on a true photo finish!

(We do all the P/IP look off?)


The P/IP for past seasons somehow got out of whack after we converted from a SABR points league to a FanGraphs poinsts league.


Just squeaked home in this one (I thought I was going to end up one strike short!):

Thanks Trey!



Well done on a super tight victory!