Pinching Pennies


The elite “Pinching Pennies” badge is awarded to owners who have won an Ottoneu championship with $0 incoming loans.

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link to the finances page of your league verifying you have $0 in incoming loans.

You can earn this badge multiple times.

You can view a list of all potential badges here.

Which team here?


Very well done, sir. This is a tough badge to achieve!

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LC Romney Tigers

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A very impressive season - well done

Hey Trey,

Betts y Rhys, league 81, no incoming loans.


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It’s impressive to win without any loans and hit the 20,000 mark. Some of the contracts in that league look enticing. Well done in 2017.

Caper Nine

Given the reset of the finances page, here is the trade history page.

Thank you

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Also late to the party, and thus linking to trade history (if acceptable):

Walker, Wheeler, Kluber

2017 Standings
2015 Standings
Past trade history

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I believe I did this in '12, but how no idea how I could prove it

Wait! jk, I did do it in '14 however
2014 Standings
Trade History

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no loans in or out

Southaven Snipers


Hyperion Shrikes:

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Yu ain’t Werth the Whiskey:

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Jagged Little Pills

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Now that playoffs are a part of Ottoneu, what do we consider winning the league, I wonder? In a Head To Head league, I suppose it is easy to consider the winner of the championship game the winner of the league (as opposed to the best record at the end of the season). What about playoffs for non-head to head?

Anyway: @jrobertpaisley won the championship game in league 935 ( without loans.

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Winning the championship game is definitely considered winning the league in any league with playoffs.

Hey, Niv. Am I too late to get a Pinching Pennies badge? I won the 935 league without any loans, but I can’t find a link to prove that now… Am I out of luck?