Pitcher Glitch

I’m noticing this morning that three of my pitchers (Josh Hader, Jeff Hoffman, and James Hoyt) are listed as “P/SP” or “P/RP” or in Hader’s case “P/SP/RP.” Hader is subsequently listed as a position player on the bench and cannot be moved. The other two are in my lineup as pitchers, but also cannot be moved. Not sure what’s going on there or if it’s just me or everybody.

Seeing this too, with Hader and Daniel Barnes. Both are in my active lineup and need to move them to bench. Neither give me the option to move them anywhere.

Yep. I have a similar issue. I’m looking at C.J. Edwards on my batter’s bench and not with my pitchers. He is listed as P/RP.

Alright I’m on it. I have a strong feeling it is related to this other thread:

I’m going to roll most of this back and see where we are at.

I think this should look better now if you refresh your pages.

Looks like that did it for me. Thanks.

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Yep! Fixed. Thanks Niv! You rule.

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