Player Card stuff

Some wishlist items for the player cards…
Let me just preface by saying that I have no idea how difficult it is to incorporate such information, or if the it’s even possible with the current database. That said, here’s a list of things I wish to see on the player cards someday!

  1. Player age
  2. Player height/weight
  3. Rushing attempts (statistic column)
  4. NFL draft info (year, round, pick, school)
  5. 7-day/30-day add/drop %'s

Of course, all of this info is available elsewhere on the web (except #5), but adding it to Ottoneu would be a huge QOL improvement. I hope this feedback is constructive.

Thanks for listening!


BTW: I thought I posted this in the wishlist forum. I don’t think it ended up there, but obviously this thread belongs in the football wishlist forum.

We actually do not currently have a lot of the player biographical data, but I will look into acquiring it.

I’ll be looking into rostered% changes over 7/14/30 days as well.

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Rush attempts have been added to player cards.


Ok I’ve rewritten a big chunk of the player page to include the biographical information we have available to us. We now display age, height and weight for all players and college for all NFL players.

We do not and will not in the near-term have access to NFL draft information, unfortunately.

I’m continuing to work on 7-, 14- and 30-day roster% information.


Wow Niv, looks amazing! You got all the important stuff. The draft info is gravy if it ever arrives, but what you’ve just added there makes a huge difference. I’m so impressed.

Looking forward to next edits, but for now, again, this is terrific. I know others have mentioned some search-related fixes, and I imagine the roster-trends may come along if/when those other fixes are ready. Whatever the case, Ottoneu rules and so do you.

Many many thanks!
Marc B.