Player Card - Transaction History section

First off, i’m digging this platform and as a developer myself, I really admire the work you’ve done and how active you are.

As far as this wishlist goes,

Would it be possible to modify the Transaction History section of the Player Card page to make the Transaction Type a little more informative? I know this is largely up to how you’ve stored the data, but I was just wondering

For example, Transaction Type : add could be broken down into:

  • add (draft)
  • add (waiver)
  • add (auction)

Also, I believe Team and Transaction Type information are in the wrong columns


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So as you may have seen, I added links to in-season auctions for adds going forward. We don’t really store draft or waiver info like this, but I’ll see what makes sense.

Good call on the table headers, that’s been updated.

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Bug catcher badge for @fritzln

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