Player graphs not aligned with player average salaries

Niv…The graphs are a great addition, thank you, and thank you for your ongoing improvements and enhancements to the Ottoneu platform!
I do have a question. The player’s recent salary values in the graph don’t seem to correlate to the most recent auction values that appear at the top of the player page. Why is that, and which salary actually represents the most current community “value” for the player?

Thank you…Jim Diffley

They’ll differ right now because we just had inflation and arbitration applied, neither of which are reflected in the most recent auctions for a given player.

It’s up to you to figure out where you think the true value lies, I think that’s a big part of Ottoneu.

I know inflation and arb would add $$, but it sounds like the graphs would usually be the more recent “value.”
However, even accounting for that, there are some dramatic differences that would not be explained by that. Greg Holland is a very good example: his player auction values are (1) considerably lower than graph values, and (2) trending downward in auctions but upward in the graph…

Looking at the data more carefully, and separating auction values from average player values partially answers my question.
IMO, seeing a graph (trend) of auction values would be helpful once the season gets underway. That would show who’s being bid up or down, regardless of “average” player value, whose universe is way way larger than recent auction amounts.

Greg Holland was actually a great call out because I think it underlines a problem with the average salary graph data that would only show up for a specific set of older players. I’m investigating.

Ok, @difflja found a bug and gets a bug catcher badge! Player graphs were inadvertently including transaction data from leagues that are no longer active. For a lot of players, this did not matter, but for precisely Greg Holland it resulted in the graph showing ~$3 more in average salary than the correct value.

Thanks for taking a look at this. I’ve now moved up to bug-catcher status!! :rofl: I’m just trying to get a handle on the community valuation on my overpriced roster!!

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