Player ID's in Value Spreadsheets

Hey guys,

Ive been trying to get a spreadsheet going on google sheets to calculate dollar values according to my own altered versions of the depth charts projections. Ive finally figured out all the maths involved in actually calculating dollar values, but now im stuck on the formatting of the spreadsheet, particularly linking the sheet with the value calculations to the sheet with the projections.

Since the depth charts projections are listed with FG Id’s i was wondering how you actually link them to Ottoneu ID’s instead, as i believe many people do that and it is a much easier way of doing it. Currently my spreadsheet pulls the projections based on FG ID’s and it is a bit of a mess which ive spent a lot of timing cleaning up already but want to ask if there is an easier way.

So basically all im asking is how people use the combination of ID’s in their spreadsheets. And also the formulas you use (ie VLOOKUP to link from one sheet to another).

Sorry about the extended message, and if i dont make any sense haha

The ottoneu average values page ( includes an export to .csv, and that .csv file includes both FG ID and otto ID for every player currently owned in any ottoneu league. That’s what I use to pull in otto IDs to my $ value sheets, and the easiest way to do that is using VLOOKUP (as long as the FG ID is left of the otto ID, which it will be on the average values export). I use otto ID because it gave me less problems on the Surplus Calculator and other tools, but you could certainly just key everything off FG ID if you’re just planning on using your own sheet. Hope that helps, if you have any other questions let me know!

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Thanks for that, I had to change some things around but I believe i have it pretty much sorted now, the only problems I’m having is what to do with players who have a projection in depth charts, but do not have an Ottoneu ID. Do you just create your own ID numbers, for the sake of having a number to lookup rather than the generic N/A? Or is there some other method you use?

Thanks again for all your help!

Well many players have an otto ID even if they don’t appear on the average values download, so I manually look them up on one of my leagues to see if they are in the otto universe, if they are then the otto ID is in the URL of their player page. For the few guys that aren’t in the player pool I just leave them as N/A, but creating a dummy ID makes some sense as long as you track which players you did that for.

Ahh that makes sense, i hadn’t thought of manually searching. Thanks for all the help! My spreadsheets are looking pretty much how i wanted them now.