Player Search in Menu Bar

Would be nice if there was a search bar (that would eventually lead to the search page after executing the search) in the menu bar. Not a huge deal, but would be smoother to be able to search for a player from any page without having to first navigate to the search page.

In the Yahoo! and CBS implementations of this, there’s a short results box that appears as you start typing that shows the top results. On those platforms, I find I use this function most often from being in a home page, or my team page, or scoring page, and I want to see if a player is owned. By quickly going to the top bar and typing a player name in, the “top results” box will show up, and I can immediately know if this player is owned (and by whom), and whether or not I should further investigate.

Oh, one other feature that the Yahoo! implementation includes, is the ability to Watch List a player right from the top results drop down, which is a great function.

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