Player Sorting via Advanced Filter - Optional Name

Basically the request is to make the following a valid query (for advanced filter types), but making the name filter optional (it says optional next to it… but I haven’t gotten a query to work without it)

Alternatively, could name support regex searches (really just *)?

Even if just limited to top 100 players sorted by ASC/DES filter, that would be super helpful.

Perhaps there is a way to do this already, but I am unaware.


Try running the search of hitters and pitchers separate. Or if you’re doing a large search, you may need to search by position group (e.g., C, 1B/3B, 2B/SS, OF). But player name is definitely optional.


Thanks I ran on 1B only and it did indeed work. Perhaps I am greedy.

Still would nice for a top-K sort on top 100(?) players given a criteria. But, I don’t think that is that much more algorithmically friendly.

Perhaps an different error message would be useful. I saw “Search query too short” and assumed the query required a name rather than size/time constraints.

I’ve updated the error message to be a little clearer.